Increasing your organization's IT value

Data science teams should understand the business they work in.

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Medium to large technology teams generally need to do a really good job and be really thoughtful about understanding the business that they work in.

Obviously, if you're a three-person startup, you don't have this issue.

It's pretty common for a software team to be populated with people who really want to just focus on building software, or technology team to be populated with people who want to engineer technology, and don't really want to pay attention to what's going on with the rest of the business.

And for good reason - they're not business, they're not trained in business, they're not going into business, they didn't get MBAs.

But as technology leaders I think we need to make time and promote the use of learning about the rest of the business and engaging at multiple levels through the team.

Whether that's setting up lunches or knowledge sharing sessions, inviting leaders, middle managers from the rest of the business to talk to the tech team, and vice versa - inviting people from the technology team to talk to the business. Really just setting up situations where people can cluster in groups and talk with each other.

And they realize that that's a good way to exchange information, rather than just via email or over a web portal. I think that's a really good thing to do, to promote that kind of collaboration.

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