How to drive innovation and creativity within your team

Employ people that are different.

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The first thing I do to drive creativity and innovation is employ people that are different.

If there were ten of us, they'd think the same, behave the same. We don't need ten people, and one of us is good enough.

You need to bring diversity to the table, and by diversity I mean the way they think, the way they communicate, their background, everything, because they can speak for a different population which you're not thinking about.

They can speak about different experiences. A fifty-year-old thinks vastly different to what a twenty-two-year-old thinks, and they've both got reason, and they've both got voice, and they've both got something to bring to the table.

So I think that's where it starts.

You've also got to give people free rein. It's always better to hold a horse back then to be standing behind it, and smacking it, and going "let's think about something".

No one person can come up with a perfect idea, so you need to have that cohesive - I belong to a team, I can add on.

And no matter how crazy or great my idea is, I want to put it out there and let other people add on. And every time somebody adds on, we need to break it down and make sure that we're not just thinking of something from our perspective.

I always go, have we drank too much of our own Kool-Aid? Let's rethink about this, and later challenge it, and if we all think it's phenomenal get somebody to challenge every single thing.

Even if it's the person who came up with ideas, so you know fundamentally they believe in it, they need to then come out and going - well that's wrong, or what if that happens?

You need to question, and questioning is not aggressive, questioning is not negative, it's making sure that you thought of every single angle.

And that's something which I think is critically important when you're thinking about innovation and how do you drive teams forward.

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