How to quantify the success of innovation

Take advantage of diversity, be brave, keep a cool head and use feedback constructively.

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We work across multiple teams and we've got what we call innovation labs around the world. When people start working on projects it typically gets handed over from one lab to another at night or for the next day.

And that also brings in the diversity factor. I think it's a question of when you come up with ideas, you've probably got to come up with some crazy stat that they go - for every 150 ideas there's only one that's a really good idea.

It's to be brave enough also to kill an idea when it's not right, and going, do not become emotionally attached to an idea. Take it to a point, but you've also got to keep a cool head and going, this is not doing what we thought it would do, or this is not going to meet what customers are needing for. Is it premature? Are we too late? Or whatever it may be, which really needs to be real.

And you've also got to understand, once you've got a product out there and you're piloting, how nimble you need to be. Because something which may have seen small during development may become a massive hurdle. How quickly can you do that, and how quickly can you show that you've taken action on something which may not have been great.

It's testing, it's being open to feedback, and do not think that every comment coming back to you is criticism. It's something to help you make the product better.

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