Case Study: Improved IT Infrastructure REliability


Situation encountered: Enterprise applications and a diverse IT infrastructure environment, including computer systems, network gear and supporting software and hardware, are monitored by one particular tool. The monitoring tool adoption is very low, causing frustration throughout the organization.

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Intervention provided: Interviews with key stakeholders revealed that some IT groups already had a monitoring tool in place that they were satisfied with because it addressed their specific needs. Other IT groups did not have a monitoring tool in place and wanted their tool to be different from the one that was made official. The official tool did not provide the functionality that these teams required.


Results achieved: There is no one monitoring tool that fits every IT need. By improving the collaboration and communication between the IT groups and its management, each technical group was able to deploy the appropriate monitoring tool which vastly improved their ability to ensure high availability and efficiency of their particular IT environment. Additionally, the official monitoring tool remained in place and was used to present the high-level IT infrastructure availability status to management.