Case Study: Improved Service Delivery


Situation encountered: It takes a long time to deliver a service to customers. They are frustrated, do not want to pay, and are looking for ways to purchase services externally.

"Bruno's efforts have produced high quality results time and time again. He is always in the forefront to suggest new ideas and new technologies to improve our daily operations towards our customers."


Intervention provided: Inside the IT department, there are many small teams with different responsibilities. In order for a service to be provided, the customer request needs to go through a number of such IT groups. The groups are isolated and do not communicate well. There is a lack of procedures that define the exact process to deploy each offered service. Customer requests get lost and forgotten because there is no central oversight that guides the process from the beginning to the end.

By breaking down the silos and reorganizing the groups, collaboration and communication has been dramatically increased. A new position has been created to manage the deployment of services across all groups and ensure that services are deployed swiftly. A deployment process for each service along with specific timelines for each task in the service deployment process was developed. Communication channels were established with customers to manage their expectations better. A customer feedback loop system was also developed to further improve service delivery.


Results achieved: Service delivery speed was improved and customer satisfaction increased. Customers stopped looking for external services and started working with the IT department to develop new ones. Collecting payments for services was no longer a problem, and customers openly came with suggestions for suggestions that were then incorporated by the IT department and made available.