Case Study: Increased Customer Satisfaction


Situation encountered: In order to receive a service from the IT department, customers are required to fill out a complicated service request document and create a diagram of how their new application environment fits into the existing IT infrastructure. The customers are not IT experts and struggle with the document, which often gets denied and is sent back to them as insufficient. Customers are extremely unhappy, and try to bypass the regular IT channels by going directly to IT management, which then instructs their IT department to provide a service, sometimes without the fully finished document. Since procedures are not followed, the IT department does not keep a precise track of what services were deployed to which clients.

"Very goal oriented as well as a team player, Bruno is keenly devoted to his work. He consistently delivers high quality results for our organization."


Intervention provided: A technical team was created to work with the customer from the initial new application environment design phase and guide the customer through the process. The team assisted with translating the customer’s wants to his or her needs. The service request document was simplified and re-created as an online document which, when submitted, gets inserted into a central database system where the information can be managed.


Results achieved: The customer satisfaction increased dramatically. Customers were able to use the IT department’s expertise to design and implement more efficient and reliable application environments. The service delivery process became faster. The IT department noticed a significant reduction in computing resources being requested.