NON-IT Executives Making IT Decisions


Line-of-business execs need to know more about their IT services. But they are not technologically savvy. What kind of experience do they need? Once they know what business outcomes they desire, they should leverage their organization’s IT.

Enterprise technology decisions are often made by the organization’s IT department. Unlike IT, line-of-business executives are not necessarily concerned with the technology itself, but with business outcomes. As their budgets grow, business units are increasingly becoming involved in the purchase of IT without the oversight from the CIO.

Line-of-business executives do not necessarily need to be technologically savvy. With some of today’s technologies such as cloud computing, they are able to recognize tools that provide solutions which they rely on to increase the go-to-market speed, manage employees, reach new customers and grow their business.

Line-of-business executives should leverage the technology knowledge with the experience concentrated within their organization’s IT department. Working collaboratively with IT will enable them to increase the pace of innovation and meet their business objectives quicker.

Additionally, with the assistance of IT, business executives can increase their chances of finding new business models and revenue streams, as well as delivering exceptional performance to its customers and employees.