“Bruno has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success. His efforts have produced high quality results time and time again. Bruno is always in the forefront to suggest new ideas and new technologies to improve our daily operations towards our customers.

As one example, Bruno developed and successfully implemented a plan to move our production servers from one data center to a new one. The plan was a major undertaking, requiring a great deal of thought and effort on Bruno’s behalf.”

Peter Dierckx Office of Information and Communications Technology United Nations

“Very goal oriented as well as a team player, Bruno is keenly devoted to his work. Bruno consistently delivers high quality results for our organization.

Bruno quickly established himself as a go-to person. He has been excited to work with members of our organization to share his knowledge and expertise, most notably as a systems advisor to product development teams. He has a deep-rooted spirit of helpfulness coupled with a quick grasp of subject matter.

His combination of intelligence, commitment, perseverance, creativity, and compassionate character makes him a valued member of our organization whom we have learned we can rely on, regardless of the difficulty of the task to hand or the novelty of the challenge.”

Amish Chudasama Director, Infrastructure Operations Epsilon

“Bruno impressed me by the depth of his technological knowledge. His outstanding talent in my opinion is the capability to focus on the issue at hand and develop a solution which often exceeds the scope of the immediate problem and is applicable to more general class of issues. This willingness to invest in the future has helped enormously the team Bruno works with and represents a substantial contribution to the level of automation and the robustness of the IT operations of the United Nations.”

Lubo Vitkov Financial Information Operations Service United Nations

“Dear Bruno,

This is to thank you for your valuable and prompt help during the week when we successfully installed the production upgrade for our Document Planning and Processing system eDoc.

You were a great help to us and we thank you again for your contribution to a smooth upgrade.”

Frank Moser Chief, ICTS Department for General Assembly and Conference Management United Nations

“Bruno has played a major role the past year in the design, documentation and deployment phases of our new data centers. He created unity in a heterogenic environment.

A great team player, Bruno is very innovative in his way of thinking; he succeeded where others failed because of his exceptional technical skills.”

Amir Karmazin Manager, Infrastructure Servers Operations United Nations

“Dear Bruno,

We were able to receive certification by the vendor this morning. Please extend my thanks to all who has worked promptly to facilitate this service. Kind regards.”

Mir Abdul Meraj Field Systems Service United Nations